Mixing any color from a reference photo

🎨 Accurately Mix Any Color From a Photo Using ArtistAssistApp

🎨 Accurately Mix Any Color From a Photo Using ArtistAssistApp

ArtistAssistApp allows you to accurately mix any color from your reference photo using specific colors of specific brands that you have on hand.

On the first tab "Color set" you need to select the medium and colors you will paint with.

Select your medium. ArtistAssistApp supports watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, colored and watercolor pencils.

Select one or multiple color brands you have on hand.

When you have selected all your colors, press the "Save & Proceed" button.

Don't forget to press the "Save & Proceed" button every time you change your medium, brands, or colors.

On the second tab "Photo" you need to select the reference photo you will paint from.

If you just want to play around, you can choose one of the sample photos by clicking on it.

You can always get back to the "Color set" or "Photo" tabs and change your colors or the reference photo.

You can select a reference photo from your device by pressing the "Browse" button.

The latest 10 photos imported from your device are saved as "Recent photos" for easy access. Next time, just click on one of the recent photos instead of browsing on your device.

The "Color picker" tab provides a step-by-step guide on how to precisely mix any color from your reference photo.

Pinch to zoom (or use the mouse wheel) and drag to pan.

Click or tap anywhere in the photo to choose a target color to mix from your colors.

You can set the color picker diameter. The average color of the circular sample area is set as a target color to be mixed.

Usually there is more than one option for how to mix the target color.

The similarity between the color mixture and the target color is indicated by the Delta E star value, the color difference.

Smaller Delta E star values indicate more similar colors.

A value of 0 indicates a perfect color match.

By default, color mixtures are sorted by similarity.

Sorting by the number of colors in the mixture is also supported.

The "Color picker" tab can also be used without a reference photo.

Target color can be selected using the color picker pop-up.

You can save instructions on how to mix certain colors in the "Palette" tab for quick reference.

There is one common palette and a separate palette for each reference photo.

To save a color mixture to the palette, press the "Add to palette" button under the desired color mixture.

The point on the photo from where the color was picked is also saved. Thus, you can easily recall which part of the photo the color mixture belongs to.

You can give a name to the color mixture in the palette.

Color mixtures can be sorted chronologically by date added or alphabetically by name.

Press the "Color swatch" button to switch into the color swatch mode, when all the colors in the palette are stacked on top of each other and displayed next to the photo.