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ArtistAssistApp is the best ever free painting assistant tool that allows artists to see the reference photo more clearly and mix colors more accurately.

ArtistAssistApp provides various tools for artists for accurate color mixing from a photo based on real paints, tonal value study, grid method for drawing, simplified sketching, color mixing with limited palettes, etc.

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Improve your painting and drawing skills and create stunning artworks

🍂 REALISTIC Autumn Leaves in Watercolor with the FREE ArtistAssistApp Tool (Tutorial)

ArtistAssistApp was created together with professional artist Irina Khyst for artists of all levels and styles. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, whether you like realistic or loose painting styles, whether you want to paint landscapes, portraits, still lifes, botanical illustrations, or anything else, you will find the right tools.

Various mediums are supported: watercolor paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor pencils.

ArtistAssistApp is an essential painting assistant for all artist students, and is especially useful for restoration and reproduction of paintings.

Accurately mix any color from your reference photo using the paints you have

Import your photos, select any desired color directly from the photo, and learn how to mix it with specific colors of specific brands.

Choose your favorite color brands, such as Schmincke, Daniel Smith, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and more, then choose a color set or manually add the colors you have on hand. Click or tap anywhere on the photo, and get a step-by-step guide on how to precisely mix that color using atomic or optical mixing.

Atomic mixing is the physical mixing of colors together, while optical mixing is the result of placing a transparent layer of color over another color (glaze technique).

Add your favorite color mixtures to the palette

Save instructions on how to mix your favorite colors from the paints you have for quick reference in the "Palette".

There is one common palette and a separate palette for each reference photo.

The point on the photo from where the color was picked is also saved. Thus, You can easily recall which part of the photo the color mixture belongs to. In addition, each color mixture can be assigned a name.

In color swatch mode, all the colors in the palette are stacked on top of each other and displayed next to the photo.

Do a tonal value study

Use tonal value sketches that capture the light and shadow of your subject to learn how to create contrast and depth in your paintings.

Tonal value sketches are displayed next to the original image, so it's all on one screen to paint from.

You can also print tonal value sketches by pressing a button.

Draw a grid over your reference photo

Drawing with a grid is a great way to capture objects and scenes more accurately.

The grid method allows you to redraw a reference photo to any size and preserves the proportions. The reference photo is divided into smaller sections using a grid. Draw a grid of the same dimension on your piece of paper. Focus on a particular section of the grid and carefully redraw what you see within it.

Square grids of various sizes are supported, as well as easy-to-draw 3x3 and 4x4 grids with diagonals.

Reduce the detail on your reference photo

Smooth out your reference photo to reduce detail and focus on the big shapes and proportions of your subject, and learn how to simplify and abstract your paintings.

No more squinting your eyes to blur your reference.

Play around with limited color palettes

Using a limited palette helps achieve color harmony.

Select up to 5 colors to be your primary colors and see what your reference photo would look like painted with just those colors.

It helps to depict the atmosphere. For example, the lighting in the north is different from the Mediterranean, as are the colors needed to depict this atmosphere.

Don't waste paint experimenting with color mixing

Choose specific colors of specific brands to mix, specify the proportions, and get the resulting color mixture in various consistencies. Save the resulting color mixtures into the palette for comparison and quick access. No more wasting paint on experiments.

You can even visualize the spectral reflectance curve.

Share your color set and color mixtures

Get a link to your color set or any color mixture from your palette and share it with anyone.

Color sets, recent photos, and palettes are saved in the browser and restored when you reopen the browser. You can also share color sets and color mixtures between your devices. For example, send a shareable link of your color set from your smartphone to your laptop.

Why was ArtistAssistApp created?

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Paint better with ease

ArtistAssistApp is developed by Eugene Khyst , a software engineer who wants to regain his painting and drawing skills after having a nearly 10-year break from painting after graduating from art school.

Are you a beginner artist or have you had a long break from painting? Are you an experienced artist who wants to make the painting routine easier? Are you a digital artist who wants to try your hand at traditional art? ArtistAssistApp has tools to help you!

ArtistAssistApp is easy to use, interactive, and fun. Try it now to improve your painting and drawing skills and create stunning artworks. Unleash your creativity!

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